Shorefront Press

Shorefront Press is the Legacy Centers publishing entity, producing relevant titles using in part or in whole, the Shorefront archives that stimulates discussion, furthers research, adds to the archives and engages communities. Publications are guided by the Shorefront core mission values: Collect, Preserve, Educate.

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    A Place We Can Call Our Home

    ISBN: 978-0-9765-2321-5
    50 pages | 33 images | $12

    A Place We Can Call Our Home is a collection of articles that gives the reader a general understanding of the early Black settlers and the development of a Black community in Evanston, Illinois. Originally published in the mid 1990s, it fast became a favorite publication within the area school district. This new edition includes updated information, expanded resources and a new image gallery. A Place We Can Call Our Home is the perfect publication for the classroom.
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    CoverFrom a New Generation
    32 pages | Spoken word/poetry | $9.95

    From a New Generation is the final product from Shorefront’s youth program, Legacy Keepers. Fourteen middle school youths from the 2010 program penned original work and presented it in a public forum. From a New Generation showcases a selection of their work.
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    CoverGatherings: The History and Activities of the Emerson Street Branch YMCA, Evanston, Illinois
    ISBN: 978-0-9765232-0-8
    86 pages | 50 images | $20

    Gatherings documents the history of the segregated branch of the Evanston, Illinois YMCA known as the Emerson Street Branch YMCA. Formed in 1909 and opened in 1914, the facility serviced the African American communities in the northern suburbs of Chicago, IL for 60 years.
    Winning project from the Sappi papers, Ideas That Matter program.
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    The Dream Dancers Series
    Volume One: New England Preservers of the Dream 1600-1924Layout 1
    by Spencer Jourdain
    280 pages  |  12 images  |  $24.95
    ISBN: 978-0-9765-2326-0
    Volume One of a three volume set, The Dream Dancers: New England Preservers of the Dream (1600-1924) describes the significant, yet under-acknowledged, presence and impact of a rainbow of American men and women of color in the quest to fulfill our nation’s founding dream unalienable equal rights and opportunity for happiness, from 17th Century colonial New England to the aftermath of World War I. The multicultural family of Attorney Edwin Bush Jourdain, Sr. participated in many seminal events that helped to shape the first centuries of America’s journey to achieve its founding vision.
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    Through the Eyes of Us: True Experiences Of Lives And History Shared By Evanston’s African-American CommunityCover
    68 pages | Audio CD | $15

    A great beginning resource for readers and historians wanting guidance in researching the Evanston, Illinois African American community from 1850 to 2000. The brief introduction is supported by a comprehensive timeline and audio CD from various members in Evanston including mayor of 17 years – Lorraine H. Morton – Evanston’s first African American mayor.
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  • Journal annuals are compilation reprints from the online Shorefront Journal evolving from the original printed journal that began in 1999. The online journal went live in 2012 enabling a collaborative venue that engages the greater community on a global level.

    Shorefront Journal: Vol 03, 2015
    ISBN: 978-0-9765232-4-6
    98 pages with 40 images  |  $16
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    Shorefront Journal: Vol 02, 2014
    2013 Journal
    ISBN: 978-0-9765232-3-9
    96 pages with 50 images | $12
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    Shorefront Journal: Vol 01, 2013
    2013 Journal
    ISBN: 978-0-9765232-2-2
    130 pages with images | $16
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    Shorefront Journal: Vol 00, 2012
    94 pages with images | $12
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    Original Shorefront Journals
    Read selected issues from the original series published between1999 and 2010.
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  • CoverAlice’s Ordinary People
    DVD | 60 minutes | $20
    Alice’s Ordinary People is documentary about Alice Tregay – a woman who refused to stand still for injustice and brought others together to change what was. It’s Alice’s story of the ordinary people who effected extraordinary change and advanced the endless struggle for human rights and dignity. It’s an inspiration to current and future generations, as they take up the mantle and continue the fight.
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    CoverCaptain Fred Hutcherson, Jr. (1912-1962)
    DVD | 55 minutes | $20
    Evanston native, Fred Hutcherson, Jr., was a self-taught aviator at age 17 and by the age 23, he flew charters and pioneered many other endeavors in aviation. He later went on to train black military cadets at Tuskegee to fly. This DVD, honors his legacy with the recognition of a replica of the special Tuskegee Congressional Gold Medal Award Ceremony, by Congresswoman Jan Schakowski at the Shorefront Legacy Center on June 18, 2011. The surviving son and family were there to accept.
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